Rank Registry-Work With Us

Welcome to Traffic Targeter/Rank Registry Client Information & On-boarding. If you are here then you have expressed interest in getting your business ranked and ranked FAST!

Our methods will include the creation of ‘Authority Videos'. You will also need to create your own YouTube Channel. If you have an existing one already, that's fine but it is nessessary to create another channel. One that's fresh and doesn't have ANY video's uploaded to it. This is work best when video uploads commence.

If you are comfortable making your own video's then that is best, but if you are not comfortable then we can create, render, upload and submit all the required video's you need to get your business or product ranked. So, if you don't want to be on video, we got you covered! And if you need an AWESOME VIDEO CREATION SOFTWARE  that creates video's that also don't show your face if you so choose, then you can Test Drive It Free for 14 days!

Form Requirements: Just the regular mumbo-jumbo. In the text section, please let us know what your business name is or product name, what Industry or market it is categorized in and where your business is currently ranked. (If you aren't ranked at all, don't worry, you soon will be!)

Our total time for completion is 10-15 days. Depending on how many video's we must produce and upload. However, you will see immediate and noticeable results within 3-4 days. Sometimes sooner. All of your questions will be answered as they come but they will come FAST! What we do know for sure is our process has been tried , tested and true. So we know what WE do works and it will WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Faster than any other conventional SEO management processes. By far.

If these terms are suitable with you and would like to work with us to get your business ranked then kindly fill out the form below. Once your form is submitted, someone from our team will reach out to you, via email, within 24 hrs but is always much sooner than that.

Thank you for giving us the chance to earn your trust and your business. We look forward to working with you!

To Recap, here are the benefits of using our Accelerated Ranking Method which includes but are not limited to:

1.Prime placement of your business or product on page 1 of your chosen search keyword or search phrase.

2.Never having to pay for advertising ever again. How? By submitting your business/product in a way that gives the search engines all the relevant metrics they are looking for when determining where your business/product should be ranked. This results in very high ranking automatically solidifying your position at the top, for free.

*This benefit alone outright negates an ad spend. Automatically putting more in your pocket.

3.It's important to note that YOU do NOT need a Google Adsense or Google Adwords account. We get these results WITHOUT those services or any other SEO tool or optimizing software. Our system is 100% white-hat. NO software or tool manipulator's are used. This also gives YOU the authority as given by the Google & YouTube (The 2 Largest Search Engines) We simply give Google & YouTube what they want.

4.There are no additional hidden costs. Once your business is ranked it just requires you to check on your rankings periodically and if something changes it will be due to search engine algorithm changes and we can help adjust if required.

5. Free Targeted Organic Traffic-Remember all of your traffic WILL BE users who saw your business first, and clicked it. The label is automatically applied simply because of the search results.

So, If you think we would be a good fit for your business' Ranking' needs then we just need your basic information then someone will connect with you to discuss what your campaign will outline, how long it is expected to complete and overall cost.